Homeschooling in Canada

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Homeschooling Growth in Canada

Canada also has a large and growing homeschooling movement, with a number of homeschooled children nationwide "around 60,000," according to an article in the September 1, 1997 issue of MacLean's magazine. That figure would suggest about 1 percent of Canadian school-age children are homeschooled, a proportion consistent with provincial figures I am still gathering. Canada enjoys an excellent World Wide Web site with pan-Canadian information about homeschooling[remote link], put together as a cooperative effort by homeschoolers from coast to coast in that vast country.

Canadian Home Schooling Organizations

Canadian Home-Based Education Page
Astounding example of pan-national cooperation among homeschoolers who in most instances have never met one another in person. Links to information about every province in Canada. An inspiration to me, as it should be to every homeschooler in other countries.

The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents
Web site for provincewide organization of homeschoolers in Canada's most populous province.

Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators
Multipage site of a Saskatchewan homeschooling organization.

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This Homeschooling in Canada page can also be considered a subpage of the Learn in Freedom! Education Reform, Home-Schooling Links page on this site. More specific pages for states of the United States and for countries around the world will be added as my schedule permits. Please send me any information you have about the number of homeschoolers in any place you know about.

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