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Here is an index, with hypertext links, to every bibliography that appears at the Learn in Freedom™ site. I have had the guidance of some fine scholars, including several professional librarians, in learning the art of making bibliographies, but I'm always willing to learn more, so let me know, please, about any suggestions you have for these bibliographies. I'm always working on bibliographies, but my new work in Taiwan has taken me away from some of the library resources I once enjoyed. But perhaps I will continue to add bibliography pages to this site in the years ahead. I expect the massive bibliography of books on what homeschooling is and why people homeschool will be divided into at least three sections, by date of publication, with the section listing the most recently published books keeping the old URL for the whole list. There may be a bibliography of academic theses about homeschooling and one about audiovisual materials on homeschooling. I may also revive and post on this site a bibliography about early childhood education I once kept, if there is sufficient reader interest. Meanwhile, the bibliography pages already posted to the site are listed here, and this bibliography overview page is linked to by every other page on the site, and also by some remote sites.

Current and Choice Books on Homeschooling
A page first compiled for the Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance and for a meeting of the Minnesota Library Association in 1996. Overall, I want the homeschooling bibliography kept at this site to be exhaustive, and divided into several categories on different pages. But some readers just want to find the newest and best books about homeschooling, and the Current and Choice Books on Homeschooling page is meant for such readers. Your suggestions for new books to put on the current and choice list are welcomed.

Home Schooling Resource Guides
A list that gathers the homeschooling books that specifically attempt to be guides to resources and materials used in homeschooling. Those books include both general interest books for parents of children of all ages in all places, and also books specialized by region (pertaining to just one state, for instance) or by subject matter (physical education, for instance). This is a burgeoning field of literature, with new editions of most of the titles listed coming out frequently. More specialized resource guides are Form Books for Homeschoolers and Bibliographies on Homeschooling, now listed on separate bibliography pages on this site.

How-To Books on Homeschooling
The huge and growing category of how-to books on homeschooling now deserves its own separate bibliography page.

Articles on Homeschooling
A selection of the hundreds of articles that have been published about homeschooling in various other periodicals and books. It is impossible to make this page exhaustive, but I want to make it representative, so please let me know about other articles that belong here.

Magazines about Home-Schooling
A new separate bibliography page focusing on major serial publications about homeschooling.

Books on College Admission and Student Financial Aid
Sources that I have used while compiling the Colleges That Admit Homeschoolers FAQ, which I share for parents who want to know more about college ratings, college admission, financial aid, and learning without college.

Books on Reading Instruction
It's more difficult to learn in freedom for the nonreader than for the reader. To help learners learn in freedom, I like to help them learn to read. I've taught children in Taiwan to read English; I think teaching reading is quite easy, unless you bollix it up with the latest fad from the education colleges. Here are books I can recommend on how to teach reading, and on why to teach it that way.

Books on School and State
What role the government has in education is a long-standing controversy. Here are books I recommend on the subject, a list frequently referred to by participants in the[newsgroup link] Usenet newsgroup.

Books on Language Development of Children
Parents are sometimes concerned about their children's progress in learning to speak. My reading list on language development of children gathers resources for parents that inform them of what they can do at home to help their children, and how to seek professional help for language delays when necessary.

Critiques of the Education System
Critiques of the education system in various places are numerous, and some are more thoughtful than others. Here are books I recommend, not always because I agree with their conclusions, but because the authors report interesting observations that you can usefully check out in relation to your own experience.

Books on IQ and Human Intelligence
IQ as a concept is likely to be discarded in the ongoing paradigm shift in the field of psychology, to which some of the titles listed here are contributing. But meanwhile, many parents and teachers are concerned about the measurement of human intelligence, so here are books that informatively discuss the controversial issue of IQ testing and the nature of human intelligence, from varying points of view.

New Books on Home-Schooling
An attempt to provide an annotated bibliography of all books describing homeschooling, pro or con, new or old. (There aren't any antihomeschooling books yet, as far as I've heard. Maybe there isn't anything wrong with homeschooling worth writing a book about. (One has to wonder, after all these years.) Titles related to finding curricula and other resources for homeschooling are listed on the separate Homeschooling Resource Guides bibliography page. Older books describing homeschooling are listed on separate Books on Homeschooling from 1992 to 1996, Books on Homeschooling from 1970 to 1991, and Books on Homeschooling Before 1970 bibliography pages.

Books on Homeschooling in Languages Other Than English For years I have been obtaining books by interlibrary loan to verify several foreign language titles that are cataloged as being about homeschooling, and have discovered some that are miscataloged by busy cataloging librarians, even by the Library of Congress. The books listed in this bibliography are really about homeschooling, as I have verified by examining their text.

Ratings and Source of Information Codes

Indicates a book recommended by a variety of readers around the world, as indicated by comments from computer networks or publications read by independent learners.
Indicates a book written by a person known to me to be a person with classroom teaching experience. It's a fair assumption that some of the other authors listed also have teaching experience, but the books so marked are definitely by persons who made their living as teachers for a substantial span of time.
Indicates a book written by a child, usually a homeschooled child.
Indicates I, Karl M. Bunday, own the book indicated (or a magazine, with the most recent issue cover date I own indicated) either because I personally bought it or because a publisher sent it to me as a review copy. I'd like this code eventually to appear near almost everything listed in the School Is Dead bibliographies!
Indicates I, Karl M. Bunday, have personally seen the book listed, with some notation of the place where I saw it. Places following an underscore ( _ ) are usually a public library, indicated by the interlibrary loan routing code. (Routing codes are in either three-letter or four-letter form, depending on my source for the code. Codes from OCLC [Worldcat] are generally in three-letter form, codes from RLIN in four-letter form. I have access to Worldcat through my local public library and access to RLIN through the University of Minnesota Library. Both are excellent library databases, but I am checking the cataloging in each as I occasionally find books that are miscataloged in the big databases.) Places following a hyphen ( - ) are usually vendors at conference exhibits or the mail or a member of the organization indicated. As far as I'm concerned, every public library ought to have every book with the RECOMMENDED rating.
Indicates the book listed appears in Books in Print (either in the print version or the on-line version), sometimes even in cases where I first learned of the book's existence from other sources. This is to help readers of this site request books from bookstores. But note that not all books in the Books in Print database are in print! The Books in Print database includes titles for which the publication status is listed as "out of print."
[various odd-looking combinations of letters]
Indicates the book or magazine or article listed appears in one or another on-line database, some of which are fully accessible to Internet users and some of which are not. If I have actually seen the publication, the KMBseen- code will take precedence over any of these source codes.

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A general State education is a mere contrivance for moulding people to be exactly like one another: and as the mould in which it casts them is that which pleases the predominant power in the government, whether this be a monarch, a priesthood, an aristocracy, or the majority of the existing generation in proportion as it is efficient and successful, it establishes a despotism over the mind, leading by a natural tendency to one over the body.
John Stuart Mill On Liberty (1859)
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