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Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) [link to a different Web site]
417 Roslyn Road
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577
(516) 621-2195
US$15/yr. Founded and edited by Jerry Mintz, a newsletter about alternative education in general, as well as homeschooling.

The Drinking Gourd: Multicultural Home-Education Magazine
P.O. Box 2557
Redmond, WA 98073
(206) 836-0336
(206) 868-1371 (fax)
Six issues per year. US$15 or Canada$21 per year. Founded and edited by Donna Nichols-White. Interesting variety of articles and book reviews, on both general homeschooling topics and on topics of interest to particular ethnic communities among homeschoolers. Few advertisements, halftone photographs of families, about 16 pages per issue, on 8.5 inch x 11 inch photocopied paper. KMBowns_SepOct1995

F.U.N. News
Family Unschoolers Network [link to a different Web site]
1688 Belhaven Woods Court
Pasadena, MD 21122-3727
Four issues per year. US$10 per year. Founded and edited by Bill and Nancy Greer. Unschooling-oriented national newsletter. Few advertisements, mostly black-and-white clip art, some color illustrations, about 20 pages per issue, on 8.5 inch x 11 inch photocopied paper. KMBowns

Growing Without Schooling
Holt Associates [link to a different Web site]
2269 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge MA 02140
(617) 864-3100
(617) 864-9235 (fax)
(ISSN 0475-5305). Six issues per year. US$25 per year. Single issue US$6. Founded in 1977 by the late John Holt, now edited by Susannah Sheffer. The earliest magazine devoted to homeschooling. Most back issues still available for sale, as part of John Holt's plan to make Growing Without Schooling part of the historical record of homeschooling. Fewer advertisements than most homeschooling magazines, on black-and-white photocopied paper, now with many half-tone photographs. Most of each issue consists of letters from readers, some of the most interesting writing about homeschooling to be found anywhere offline. Growing Without Schooling also publishes book excerpts and interviews. KMBsubscibes

Home Education Magazine
Post Office Box 1083,
Tonasket, WA 98855,
United States of America
(509) 486-1351
(509) 486-2753 (fax)
(ISSN 0888-4633). Six issues per year. US$32 per year (US$26 per year for homeschooling families); two-year subscription US$64 (US$48 for homeschooling families). Foreign shipping: US$18 per year foreign surface mail (any destination), US$15 per year Canadian air mail, US$16 per year Mexican air mail, US$24 per year Western Hemisphere air mail, US$28 per year European air mail, US$32 per year Asia/Africa air mail, US$34 per year Pacific Rim air mail. Toll-free order number in United States: 1-800-236-3278. Secure Web orders: Single issue US$4.50, first class mail. Founded and edited by Mark and Helen Hegener, one of the earliest homeschooling magazines. Illustrated with cartoons and half-tone photographs, with a growing number of interesting advertisements. Regular columns by Earl Gary Stevenson, Larry and Susan Kaseman, Becky Rupp, and Joan Torkildson. Lists support groups that are considered inclusive. More controversial articles about other homeschoolers than any other homeschooling magazine. KMBsubscribes

Home Educator's Family Times
Homeschool Support Network
P.O. Box 1056
Gray, ME 04039
(207) 657-2800
Five issues per year. Edited by Jane Boswell.

Home School Researcher
National Home Education Research Institute[remote link]
P.O. Box 13939
Salem, Oregon 97309
(503) 364-1490
(503) 364-2827 (fax)
Four issues per year. US$25 per year. Founded and edited by Brian Ray. Chief refereed scholarly journal on homeschooling, place of first publication of most new articles on homeschooling research. National Home Education Research Institute has a brochure listing other publications and services available from the institute.

Home School Digest
Wisdom's Gate
P.O. Box 374
Covert, MI 49043
Four issues per year. "Wisdom's Gate is owned by the Lord Jesus Christ and operated under the guidance of the Holy Spirit." US$15 (now US$18?) per year, sometimes with special "order a subscription, and get one for a friend free" offer; cover price of US$5 for single copy. Authors of articles include Jonathan Lindvall and other well-known homeschooling figures. Large number of advertisements, about 96 pages each issue, on 8.5 inch x 11 inch photocopying paper, (slick cover). Described by several friends from computer networks as "meaty," more substantial in content than some other magazines. Described as "edited from a conservative Christian perspective, this quarterly is very readable and useful," by another friend. KMBowns(volume9,number4)

Homeschooling Today [link to a different Web site]
P.O. Box 9596
Birmingham, AL 35220
(ISSN 1073-2217). Six issues per year. US$19.99 prepaid for annual subscription in the United States. Founded in 1992, edited by Debbie and Greg Strayer. Variety of articles on homeschooling from a Christian perspective, interesting to other homeschoolers as well. Many helpful advertisements, about 66 pages in recent issue, on four-color slick paper. KMBsubscribes

[updated] The Link: A Homeschool Newspaper [link to a different Web site]
587 N. Ventu Park Road, Suite F-911
Newbury Park, CA 91320
Six issues per year? Free. Founded in 1995 (?), edited by Mary Leppert. The Link's purpose is "to provide information and resources FREE to those homeschooling and/or interested in homeschooling, and to do so without promoting an agenda relative to religion, spiritual belief/non-belief or homeschooling style." Recent articles include articles by John Taylor Gatto and Cathy Duffy; David and Micki Colfax appear to have a regular column in each issue, "The Colfax Corner." Many helpful advertisements, about 36 pages in recent issues, on tabloid-format newsprint with some four-color pages. KMBowns

Parents' Review
Charlotte Mason Research and Supply Company
Four issues per year. Edited by Karen Andreola. Based on the point of view of the late Charlotte Mason, a popular author among homeschoolers.

Practical Homeschooling
Home Life
P.O. Box 1250
Fenton, MO 63026-1850
(314) 343-7218 (editorial fax)
(ISSN 1075-4741). Six issues per year. Annual subscription US$19.95. Founded in 1993 and published by Mary Pride, recent entrant to Christian segment of market, with regular columns by Karen Andreola, Cathy Duffy, Joshua Harris, Fritz Hinrichs, Jessica Hulcy, Rob and Cyndy Shearer, Joyce Swann, Katherine Von Duyke, Lisa Yoder, and others. Many interesting advertisements, about 72 pages per issue, on four-color slick paper. KMBsubscribes

The Teaching Home: A Christian Magazine for Home Educators
Box 20219
Portland OR 97294
(503) 253-9633
(503) 253-7345 (fax)
6 issues per year. US$15 per year; US$3.75 for single copy. Founded in 1980 and edited by Sue Welch. The first magazine aimed at the Christian segment of the homeschooling movement. Each issue includes a column by Michael P. Farris of Home School Legal Defense Association. Many interesting advertisements, about 66 pages per issue, on four-color slick paper. Issues are generally organized around topics, with multiple articles by various authors on that topic. Recent topics have included extended families and grandparents; secondary school math and consumer math; and how to motivate your child to learn. KMBsubscribes

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