Books on Homeschooling from 1992 to 1996

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This bibliography page is one of several bibliographies on the Learn in Freedom! site about homeschooling. Books listed here are books about homeschooling published from A.D. 1992 to A.D. 1996 (most recent first). Other books about homeschooling are listed on the separate Web pages

Homeschooling: A Patchwork of Days
edited by Nancy Lande (Wynnewood, PA: WindyCreek Press, 1996) (ISBN 0-9651303-0-4). US$12.95, xii and 295 pages. Collection of writings from thirty homeschooling families in which the families describe, in their own words, a typical day of homeschooling. An update of this beguiling book is forthcoming. KMBowns

Human History at the Crossroads; Where Do We Go from Here?
E. Hausen (Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing, 1996) (ISBN: 0-89789483-9). Not a book about homeschooling, really, despite misleading cataloging based on some references to homeschooling in the book. I do not recommend this book. KMBseen_HCO_ILL_

Home Schooling from Scratch: Simple Living--Super Learning
Mary Potter Kenyon (Bridgman, MI: Gazelle Publications, 1996) (ISBN: 0-930192-35-4). US$10.00, 127 pages; resource guide ("Where to Find What You Need"), index, illustrations. From-the-heart new book by a mother detailing her process of deciding to homeschool and learning how to homeschool on a tight budget. Some of the best information on saving money while homeschooling yet published in a homeschooling book. RECOMMENDED. KMBowns

Catholic Education: Homeward Bound: A Useful Guide to Catholic Home Schooling
Kimberly Hahn and Mary Hasson (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1996) (ISBN: 0-89870-566-5). US$14.95, x and 400 pages; appendixes (including resource guide), bibliography, index. KMBseen_HCO

Freedom Challenge: African American Homeschoolers
Grace Llewellyn, editor (Eugene, OR: Lowry House, 1996) (ISBN 0-9629591-1-1). 316 pages; illustrations, errata slip. Thought-provoking new book with essays by various authors and interviews with homeschoolers on the how and why of homeschooling among African-Americans. KMBonhold_HCO,mail from D. Nichols-White

School Free: The Home Schooling Handbook
Wendy Priesnitz (St. George, Ontario: Alternate Press, 1996). Newly revised book by veteran Canadian homeschooler covering legalities, guiding self-directed learning, assessment, writing or choosing curricula, computers and learning, dealing with objections, socialization, the teenaged deschooler, dealing with school officials, and other topics. Email from author

Deschooling Our Lives
Matt Hern, editor (Gabriola, BC; Philadelphia, PA: New Society Publishers, 1996) (ISBN 0-86571-342-1 [pbk.]). x and 150 pages; foreword by Ivan Illich, resource guide. Collection of essays, articles, and book excerpts published earlier by authors including Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Illich, John Holt, Grace Llewellyn, John Taylor Gatto, David Guterson, Susannah Sheffer, Wendy Priesnitz, Seth Rockmuller, and Mimsi Sadofsky. KMBseen_HCO

Home Schooling in the United States: A Legal Analysis
Christopher J. Klicka (Paeonian Springs, VA: Home School Legal Defense Association, annual or more frequent revised editions). Jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction description of homeschooling laws (principally statutes, with some discussion of administrative regulations and binding cases) in the United States, by a lawyer on the staff of the Home School Legal Defense Association. I prefer this title to Deckard's Home Schooling Laws: In All Fifty States, from my own perspective as a lawyer. In the interest of full disclosure of possible "bias," I should note that I was Klicka's intern during the summer of 1988, working principally on editorial revision of this publication. There are probably few traces of my work still remaining in current editions of Klicka's guide to homeschooling laws.

Allison's Story: A Book about Homeschooling
Jon Lurie (Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Company, 1996) (ISBN 0-8225-2579-8). US$19.95, 40 pages; bibliography on page 40, illustrated with photographs. First-person account in the voice of an eight-year-old Minnesota girl of her family's homeschooling, with additional general information on homeschooling throughout the United States. KMBseen_HCO

Home Schools: An Alternative
Cheryl Gorder (Mesa, AZ: Blue Bird Publishing, 4th rev. ed. 1996) (ISBN 0-933025-47-5). 176 pages; appendix "Home School Organizations," bibliography, index. Overview of the rationale for homeschooling. KMBseen_HCO

Natural Home Schooling: A Parent-teacher's Guidebook to Natural Learning in the Home
Kerri Bennett Williamson (Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas, 1995) (ISBN: 0-398-05977-2, 0-398-05978-0 [pbk.]). US$32.95, US$19.95, x and 97 pages; suggested readings. Explanation of what is natural about homeschooling and unnatural about government-operated, compulsory, age-segregated "public" schools. KMBseen_MNU

Home Schooling: Answers to Questions Parents Most Often Ask
Deborah McIntire and Robert Windham (Cypress, CA: Creative Teaching Press, 1995) (ISBN: 0-916119-84-X). US$16.98, 192 pages; planning forms, resource guide, bibliography, glossary, illustrations. Large-format book organized around frequently asked questions about homeschooling, drawing on the authors' experiences as classroom teachers, parents, and coordinating teachers in the Orange County Department of Education's Community Home Education Program. Home Schooling: Answers to Questions Parents Most Often Ask has better coverage of Canadian resources than most books about homeschooling published in the United States. KMBseen_HCO

I Am a Home Schooler
Julie Voetberg (Morton Grove, IL: Albert Whitman, 1995) (ISBN 0-8075-3441-2 [library binding]; 0-8075-3442-0 [pbk.]). (unpaged) [32] pages; hand-tinted photographs. A mother's description, in the first-person voice of her daughter, of the daily activities of a homeschooled child in rural Washington state. Voetberg's book is part of a larger series of I Am a ____ titles; many homeschoolers seeing this book for the first time exclaim that homeschooling must really be "on the map" if a book like this has now been published. KMBseen_HCO,ANK

Road School
Jim Marousis et al. (Tempe, AZ: Blue Bird Publishing, 1995) (ISBN 0-933025-36-X). US$14.95, 256 pages; appendices. Personal account of the journey of a family of four all over the United States for a year of "road schooling." KMBseen_SPP

The Language Wars and Other Writings for Homeschoolers
Ruth Beechick (Pollock Pines, CA: Arrow Press, 1995) (ISBN 0-940319-09-8). US$16.00, 252 pages. Collection of articles by Ruth Beechick first published elsewhere. Favorite quotation: "A research idea I have never seen carried out is to study whether this or any other 'scientific' program can outdo the alternative of a loving mother and her child together on a couch or at the kitchen table with a few good books and some simple teaching materials." KMBseen_HCO

Home Educating with Confidence: Real Education for the Real World
Rick Boyer (Rustburg, VA: Learning Parent, 1995) 241 pages. KMBowns

Home Schooling: Parents as Educators
Maralee Mayberry et al. (Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press, 1995) (ISBN 0-8039-6075-1, 0-8039-6076-X [pbk.]). US$ 40.00 or US$20.00, xx and 120 pages; references. Scholarly book on homeschooling including research by J. Gary Knowles, Brian Ray, and Stacey Marlow. Probably the best overview currently available of who is homeschooling in the United States. KMBseen_MPI

The Right to Home School; A Guide to the Law on Parents' Rights in Education
Christopher J. Klicka (Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 1995) (ISBN: 0-89089-818-9). US$19.95, xiv and 168 pages. OCLC,RLIN_CLSL,CTYL,NYCL

Yes, They're All Ours
Rick Boyer (Rustburg, VA: The Learning Parent, Route 3, Box 543, Rustburg, VA 24588, 1995). Personal account of homeschooling six sons and six daughters, with more general information about homeschooling and less focus on the large-family aspect of the Boyers' experiences than one reader who E-mailed me had hoped to find.

The How and Why of Home Schooling
Ray Ballmann (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2nd edition, expanded 1995) (ISBN 0-89107-859-2). US$ 10.99, xv and 217 pages; appendix, notes, select bibliography. Thoughtful presentation of the rationale for homeschooling from a Biblical Christian perspective. KMBowns

A Sense of Self: Listening to Homeschooled Adolescent Girls
Susannah Sheffer, 1964- (Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook Publishers, 1995) (ISBN: 0-86709-357-9). xii and 191 pages; notes, references. KMBseen_MPI

Homeschooling the High Schooler: Combined Volumes I and II
Diana McAlister and Candice Oneschak (Arlington, WA: Family Academy Publications [23420 Jordan Road, Arlington, WA 98223], 1995). 69 and 105 pages. "College prep with classics, not texts," volume I covers adolescent issues, transcripts, college admissions, and financial aid; volume II covers high school courses and includes bibliography of alternative resources. RECOMMENDED. KMBowns

High School Your Way
Diana McAlister and Candice Oneschak (Arlington, WA: FA Publications, 23420 Jordan Road, Arlington, WA 98223, 1995?). Record-keeping guide so that children's independent learning experiences can gain academic credit.

The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community, and Self
Linda Dobson (Tonasket, WA: Home Education Press [now distributed by Holt Associates [link to a different Web site]], 1995) (ISBN 0-945097-26-3). 254 pages; foreword by John Taylor Gatto, notes, resource guide, index.

The Right Choice: The Incredible Failure of Public Education and the Rising Hope of Home Schooling
Christopher J. Klicka (Gresham, OR: Noble Publishing, revised edition 1995) (ISBN 0-923463-83-6). 462 pages; resource guide. Broad survey of policy issues related to homeschooling by an attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association, with chapters by Gregg Harris. KMBseen-MACHEconf(owns earlier edition)

The Homeschool Reader
Edited by Mark and Helen Hegener (Tonasket, WA: Home Education Press [link to a different Web site], second revised edition, 1995). US$12.75, 224 pages; biographies of authors, resource guide, index. Collection of articles from 1984-1994 issues of Home Education Magazine. Authors of articles include Mary McCarthy, Earl Stevens, Shari Henry, Mario Pagnoni, John Holt, Penny Barker, Donn Reed, John Taylor Gatto, Vivienne Edwards, and Kathleen Creech. KMBowns

The Christian Home School
Gregg Harris (Gresham, OR: Noble Publishing Associates, revised and updated edition 1995) (ISBN 1-56857025-2 [pbk.]). ix and 205 pages; bibliography. Revision of widely sold book first published in 1988. KMBowns(1sted.)

Home School Market Guide
Jane A. Williams (Placerville, CA: Bluestocking Press, 1995) (ISBN: 0-94261721-5). US$99.00, 232 pages. Concrete sign that homeschooling has &arrived,& a marketing guide for selling to homeschoolers by an experienced homeschooling mother whom I have met at homeschooling conventions over the past decade.

As for me and my house--
Paula J. Penn-Nabrit (Westerville, OH: Institute for Excellence, 1995) (ISBN: 0-96464310-3 [pbk.]). 111 pages.

Senior High: A Home-Designed Form+U+la
Barbara Shelton (1995?) 350 pages. Guide to learning from real life instead of public school.

ABC's of Home Schooling
Kathy Mullin (Santa Barbara, CA: Business Concepts, Incorporated, 1994) (ISBN: 0-190979-6). US$14.95, 180 pages; illustrations.

Simply Homeschooling: A Unique Guide for the Homeschooling Parent
Karen L. Fogle (Woodinville, WA: T. E. A. C. H., revised edition 1994) (ISBN: 0-96435310-5). US$20.00, 108 pages.

The Socialization Trap
Rick Boyer (Rustburg, VA: The Learning Parent, Route 3, Box 543, Rustburg, VA 24588, 1994?). Reasons to avoid children's socialization being based mostly on contact with age-peers.

The Law of Home Schooling
William Gordon (Topeka, KS: National Organization on Legal Problems of Education, 1994) (ISBN: 1-565-34061-2). US$25.95, 74 pages; bibliography. Compilation by the well-known organization NOLPE with contributions by Charles Russo and Albert Miles. RLIN_CLSL,IAUG,MIUL,NYPG

The WholeHearted Child Home Education Handbook
Clay Clarkson and Sally Clarkson (Walnut Springs, TX: WholeHeart Ministries [P.O. Box 228, Walnut Springs, TX 76690], 1994). 150 and 18 pages; appendix (resource guide), planning forms. Guide to homeschooling based on the views of the late Charlotte Mason. RECOMMENDED. KMBowns

The Dan Riley School for a Girl: An Adventure in Home Schooling
Dan Riley (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1994) (ISBN 0-395-68719-5). US$21.95, [v] and 212 pages. Personal account of author's teaching his daughter at home for eighth grade during the 1991-1992 school year. The author is widely published on noneducational subjects. It might be more interesting to see the daughter's account of returning to classroom schooling afterwards, which we might wish for her to write in a few years.

The Relaxed Home School: A Family Production
Mary Hood (Cartersville, GA: Ambleside Educational Press, 1994). (ISBN 0-9639740-0-9). 106 pages. Personal account by a homeschooling mother of five children about homeschooling with a "living curriculum." KMBseen_HCO

The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook: A Creative and Stress-Free Approach to Homeschooling
Raymond S. Moore et al. (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 1994). (ISBN 0-78528175-4 [pbk.]). US$12.99, x and 300 pages. Revised edition of the authors' earlier Home School Burnout. KMBseen_HCO

Home School: Taking the First Step: The Complete Program Planning Handbook
Borg Hendrickson (Sitka, AK: Mountain Meadow Press, rev. ed. 1994) (ISBN 0-945519-19-2). [v] and 337 pages; bibliography, resource guide, glossary, indexes. Thorough introduction to the author's thorough approach to homeschooling. I put this in the what-and-why of homeschooling section of the bibliography rather than the how-to section only because I remember its first edition as an especially inspiring statement of the rationale for homeschooling, one of the earlier books on the subject I read. "Dedicated to the public school children who called me Ms. Borg and who taught me that children do not belong in public schools." WRITTEN BY A TEACHER. KMBowns

What about Church?; Guidelines for Fellowship for the Home Schooling Family and the Home Church Alternative
Jeff Barth (Charlotte: Parable Publishing House, 1994) (ISBN: 0-96240674-0). 138 pages. RLIN_DCLC

Home Schooling Laws: In All Fifty States 7th ed.
Steve Deckard, Ed.D. (Santee, CA: 1994?). Compilation of what state governments will send you if you write to them asking for homeschooling regulations in their states. The information in this compilation sometimes differs from that found in lawyer Christopher J. Klicka's reference guide to homeschooling statutes in all United States jurisdictions, published by Home School Legal Defense Association. Home Schooling Laws: In All Fifty States should not be taken as reliable legal information, but is suggestive of what regulatory requirements school officials will attempt to impose on homeschooling parents, even in the absence of statutory authority. Klicka's better reference work, whose title changes from time to time, is available from
Home School Legal Defense Association
P.O. Box 159
Paeonian Springs, VA 22129.
KMBowns(5th ed.)

Home Education: Rights and Reasons
John W. Whitehead and Alexis Crow (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 1993) (ISBN 0-89107-655-7). 557 pages; bibliography and index of cases. Thoroughly researched historical, legal, and educational perspective on homeschooling that is highly recommended by persons from a variety of points of view on homeschooling. RECOMMENDED. KMBowns

Real Lives: Eleven Teenagers Who Don't Go to School
Grace Llewellyn (1993) (ISBN 0-9629591-3-8). 318 pages; appendixes (including resource list), index. Detailed accounts of the actual experiences of homeschooled teenagers, one of whom I have met, by the author of The Teenage Liberation Handbook. WRITTEN BY A TEACHER. KMBseen_HCO,MPI

Catholic Home Schooling: A Handbook for Parents
Mary K. Clark (Front Royal, VA: Seton Home Study School Press, 1993) (ISBN 0-89555-494-1). xxxi and 448 pages; bibliography. KMBowns

School is not compulsory
(Leamington Spa: Education Otherwise, Third Edition 1993). (ISBN 0-95217030-2). 120 pages. RLIN_UKBP

Charlotte Mason's Original Homeschooling Series
Charlotte Mason (paperback reprint 1993) US$58.95 Reprint edition of Charlotte Mason's nineteenth century writings about domestic education, which are quite influential among some homeschoolers.

The Homeschooling Father
Michael P. Farris (Hamilton, VA: Michael P. Farris, 1992). [v] and 110 pages. Discussion of the father's role in homeschooling, from a Christian perspective, by a veteran homeschooler who had eight children at the time of writing. Appropriately, the book's back cover blurbs were written by the author's children. KMBowns

Writing Because We Love to: Homeschoolers at Work
Sheffer, Susannah, 1964- (Portsmouth, NH: Boynton/Cook, 1992) (ISBN: 0-86709-301-3). US$12.95, xv and 122 pages; foreword by Glenda L. Bissex; bibliography. RLIN_MNUG,CLAG,COSG

Family Matters: Why Homeschooling Makes Sense
David Guterson (New York: Harcourt Brace, 1992) (ISBN 0-15-193097-X; 0-15-630000-1 [pbk.]). US$22.95, US$10.95, vi and 245 pages. Parent-oriented, philosophical discussion of homeschooling by an author who is both a homeschooling father and a public school teacher. RECOMMENDED. WRITTEN BY A TEACHER. KMBowns

Homeschooling in a nutshell
Home Education League of Parents (Perrysburg, OH: HELP, 1992) 67 pages; bibliography. OCLC

Help I'm Homeschooling
Debbie Castaneda & Pam Geib (Norwalk, CA: Christian Home Educators Association of CA, ?? edition 1992) [vii] and 110 pages; resource guide and appendix of forms. Advice for the absolute beginnner in homeschooling, by two veteran members of California's large statewide Christian homeschooling organization. KMBowns-2nded1990

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