Homeschooling in North Carolina

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Growth in the Number of North Carolina Homeschoolers

The figures for North Carolina come from a database Web page maintained by the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education, the official reporting authority.

Homeschooling Growth in North Carolina
School Year Official # H's'ed Children Increase
1985-1986803 N/A
1986-1987 1,572 96%
1987-1988 1,756 12%
1988-1989 2,325 32%
1989-1990 3,206 38%
1990-1991 4,127 29%
1991-1992 5,556 35%
1992-1993 6,947 25%
1993-1994 8,927 29%
1994-199511,222 26%
1995-199613,801 23%
1996-199715,785 14%
1997-199818,415 17%
These figures show that more than 1 percent of North Carolina's school-age children are homeschooling. These official figures suggest the annual growth in homeschooling in North Carolina is 30 percent.

North Carolina Home Schooling Organizations

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