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Education Discussion Sites

I appreciate the desire of readers of this site to discuss and debate the ideas expressed here. Debate is best conducted in public, where onlookers can keep it honest and we can all learn from one another. Thus far I haven't set up a discussion forum here on the Learn in Freedom™ site itself, but I'd be glad to see you join the discussion in some other online communities with moderation and many participants.

From Northern Hemisphere winter 2003-2004 to summer 2010, by far my favorite online discussion groups to participate in were the parent email lists maintained by the Davidson Institute for Talent Development Young Scholars program [link to a different Web site]. I have learned immense amounts about education from those email lists. Now I keep up with the same group of parents in a Facebook secret group. We also have met one another at Davidson Young Scholar Summits arranged by the program, and at Davidson Informal Get-togethers (DIGs) arranged by parents. Check out the qualification criteria [link to a different Web site] for that program if you'd like to be part of a very thoughtful and helpful online community.

Other useful online communities include the three communities where I use the screen name “tokenadult, which I first used on the Art of Problem Solving Forums [link to a different Web site] (AoPS) beginning in 2003 (where I am a moderator, but not particularly active), and then on College Confidential [link to a different Web site] beginning in 2004 (where I am a "super moderator," and still somewhat active), and most recently on Hacker News [link to a different Web site] beginning in 2008 (where I have no role in moderation and am very active, mostly just joining discussions on topics related to education, a minority of the threads on that site). I don't use that screen name anywhere else—especially I don't use it on PayPal or eBay or other places online where someone uses that same screen name, probably after seeing me use it first on AoPS. Most places online I use my real name, Karl M. Bunday [link to a different Web site], and I much prefer to discuss issues in groups where people form a civilized community for informed discussion and politely check one another's factual statements. If you like moderated discussion in an atmosphere in which many people are using their real names, you are welcome to join me for discussion of the topic of Homeschooling Gifted Children [link to a different Web site] on Google+, in a Google+ Community that I founded and moderate.

On-Line Homeschooling Support Groups

Here I'm listing only a few of my favorite sites in this ever-growing category. You are much more likely to get a fast answer to an informational question on a discussion board than by E-mailing keepers of information Web sites. Each board or mailing list has its own flavor. Visit a few and decide which one you find the most informative and helpful, and then join in and answer the questions of other participants. Sharing is what on-line discussion is all about.

hs2coll · Homeschooling toward college (part of Yahoo Groups)
The hs2coll Yahoo group is a very well moderated, extraordinarily informative email list focused specifically on college selection and admission issues for homeschoolers. The membership is diverse and international, and the standards of civility and staying on-topic are extremely high. I am active in this group whenever I have a child approaching the age for applying to college.
Homeschoolers Curriculum Swap
Possibly the earliest Web-based solution for trading used curricular materials and site of very interesting discussion boards and interesting archived discussions. The main discussion board on the Swap was once one of my favorite places for exchanging information with other parents because several of my oldest on-line friends hung out there. The homeschooling atmosphere is mainly Christian on the Swap boards. I haven't posted there in several years, but the site is still alive and well.

Homeschool Christian Message Boards
Web-based discussion board with unabashedly conservative Christian atmosphere. I used to post messages to this board once in a while and lurk on other occasions.

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